Our job is to freshen up the curb appeal of your home by using artificial turf where appropriate, along with trimming or removal of your shrubs and trees. We compliment artificial grass with water conserving landscaping using mulch and various size and color stones that enhance the beauty of water-friendly plants and shrubs.

Artificial grass coupled with water efficient plants will save money on your monthly water bill. Water costs are probably not going to go down. A cost benefit analysis showing the long-term savings using a properly xeriscaped yard is shown on our Artificial Grass page.

Xeriscaping provides low maintenance and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space without having to spend hours doing yard maintenance.  Some of our clients have totally replaced their lawn with artificial grass.  Goodbye lawnmower!

Our Xeriscaping will enhance the beauty of your yard by including some of the following:

  • Replacing your grass with artificial turf
  • Combining different colors of rock and gravel
  • Creative use of different colored mulch
  • Pavers set in gravel – maybe in a hopscotch pattern for grandchildren
  • A Flagstone Patio – next to your new putting green
  • Adding a short rock wall if your yard slopes
  • Using water friendly shrubs and plants
  • Spaces for your vegetable and flower gardens

What makes a lawn a xeriscape?

Xeriscaping is the process of creating a landscaped yard or common area that requires little or no watering. Living in an area that suffers on and off drought conditions are especially suitable to the benefits of water conservation that comes with Xeriscaping.

The city of Denver compiled these tenets in response to water shortages in the 1980s. Today, they’re the foundations of a water-wise, sustainable lawn.  It comes down to seven key principles.

  1. Planning and design
  2. Soil improvements
  3. Efficient irrigation
  4. Limited turf use
  5. Mulching
  6. Choosing drought-tolerant and drought-resistant plants
  7. Maintenance

Xeriscaping is both an appealing and efficient way to add to the beauty of your home or business.

Tree Trimming and/or removal can improve the look of your home.

If your trees are overhanging your roof, hanging over the sidewalk or street, or need a thorough trimming, we can handle it.  Or if you have large trees that are past their useful life, we can remove them before we start the remodel of your yard.

We will modify your existing sprinkler system by lowering the water pressure and grouping your plants and shrubs into zones based on their water needs. Then we will apply drip garden principles to those areas that need water.  Since a Garden Drip sprinkler system is a more efficient use of water and is automated, you won’t need to spend time moving hoses and manually attaching sprinklers to hoses and dragging hoses around to water flower beds, bushes and borders.

Your outdoor space can become a gathering center again.  We will work with you to design the yard of your dreams.  During our planning process we will determine where your current trees, plants and shrubs fit into your new Yard. Your new look will be a gorgeous low-maintenance xeriscaped yard that can include all or some of the following features:

  • Water friendly shrubs and plants
  • A space for your vegetable garden
  • A fountain, bird bath or small pond
  • A backyard putting green or Bocce Ball court
  • A flagstone patio with string lights
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A fire pit with stone seating
  • A small waterfall feature near the patio
  • A rock garden with long lived colorful plants
  • How about a horseshoe pit layout for the older folks

Xeriscaping is both an appealing and efficient way to add to the beauty of your home or business.

Water Conservation Is becoming extremely important in the greater Denver area.

Experts say that with our population growing faster than our water resources, we will see water rationing in the near future.  One way to get in front of water restrictions on watering your grass is to not have any!

Denver Xeriscaping is the company to call! With our many years’ experience installing sprinkler systems and garden drip systems we are ready to help you move to the other side of the fence – water conservation!

We will meet with you to plan your new, most beautiful in the neighborhood, yard.  Planning starts with laying out a detailed chart of the plants and features of your yard as it exists now; including a map of your current irrigation system.  The next step is to visualize and design a yard blueprint of your front and backyard dreams; determine which trees need to be removed, and visualize your new artificial grass accompanied with rocks, mulch, drought resistant plants, and flower beds with an efficient irrigation drip system.  You imagine it – we make it happen!