Call Denver Xeriscaping for expert and professional Tree and Stump Removal In the greater Denver area

As the premier provider of tree services in in the greater Denver area, Denver Xeriscaping can help determine what needs done to your trees, and how much it will cost and to have it done by our professional crew.

Tree removal is a difficult task and requires people who are experienced and have the right equipment.  If you’re not experienced, you could get into trouble trying to take down a tree yourself. Our tree specialist team knows trees, how they react during pruning, and have many years of experience in both pruning large branches and total tree removal.  An old cottonwood or a tall hardwood tree can weigh 20,000 pounds, more than enough to fill a semi-truck. With our experience we know how to safely bring trees down. It doesn’t make any difference if the tree is large or small, we will get the job done safely and you’ll have trunk portions left over for you to cut for firewood. Or, as an option, we can split your main limbs and/or the trunk for firewood. The more wood you keep the less your expense of hauling debris away.

Large and overhanging branches are dangerous when they are around structures. Those branches are especially challenging as they nearly always require heavy equipment to safely remove them from over a roof or porch. Only a professional tree service company like Denver Xeriscaping should be used to take on tree removal. Our trained specialists can determine what’s going on, and make recommendations for dealing with or removing the tree. 

If you need a tree removed, don’t wait for a time that is more convenient for you. Denver has strong windstorms and heavy snow storms in the winter, and downed trees could end up taking out your power lines or hitting a fence or a building during a storm. We will evaluate your yard and surrounding buildings, as well as an attached garage or a front porch, and determine the safest method for removing your tree.  We can either do a direct drop, if there is room for the tree to fall safely, or scale the tree and remove branches one by one, then sectioning the trunk for increased safety. Denver Xeriscaping knows what it takes to safely take down a large tree, even if it’s close to your home or out buildings.

Tree Stump removal is also important to enhance the beauty of your yard and home.

There are two ways to decide which tree stump removal process to use. Our decision will be based on which process works best. Before we remove your tree stump, we will measure It based on what is underground. We’ll determine how hard it will be to remove the stump. Older stumps are sometimes easier to remove than younger stumps. When we get started, if for some reason the stump is really hard to get out, we’ll recommend tree stump grinding. Grinding a tree stump means we remove the top part of the stump, down to a few inches below ground level, and not the roots. Whatever method we end up using, you can trust us to do the job right the first time!

A stump in your yard sticks out like a sore thumb and it’s dangerous. Let the professionals at Denver xeriscaping take out your stumps with our modern equipment, and improve the appearance and health of your yard. Whether you want the whole stump removed, including the roots, or have us use a grinder to remove your stump, you can trust Denver Xeriscaping for affordable and reliable tree stump removal.

Our tree stump removals are done professionally and efficiently; you can always depend on us when you need exceptional services for your trees.  And remember – Safety is our #1 concern both for your property and our crew.  Learn more about our tree and stump removal services in Denver Colorado.